This is me.

Ayshea [pronunciation.. 'EYE'-sha]

I am a creative soul who is never happier than in an environment that nurtures that creativity. This extends from graphic design and art for both commercial and personal purposes through to my kids T-shirt design experiment I call Mini Royals.

I have 6+ years graphic design experience in a commercial environment and 8 years marketing experience at various levels. I also have a strong customer service and administration base to my career path.  Having travelled and worked internationally I have been very privileged to experience working in many multicultural environments with people from all backgrounds.

I have particular interest in the music industry and even did a basic audio tech course many many moons ago.  I also have interest in fashion, art (in all it's mediums), travel - I have spent a number of years overseas in the U.K and Europe and last but not least I love being on or around water getting involved in water sports.

I am always keen to embrace the next adventure, tangent, challenge, new experience.